Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nifty Findings: Tee's!

Fall is creeping upon us faster then I had anticipated! That means time to get out the layers and whip out some tees! Fall is perfect tee shirt weather. The summer is just too hot to wear cotton tees, although they can be handy at night, summer and tank tops are the way to go. In winter you can't have your arms all exposed and need to layer on a jacket with your tee. BUT in the fall a tee shirt is the perfect way to go! So today I'm sharing you some of me favorite places to get awesome tees! I wear a lot of tee shirts, I mean a L O T of tee shirts! That's one of the reasons why we started making and selling tees! Why buy someone else screen printed tees when we could make our own. Most of the tees that I do wear are ones that I've made. (Or messed up and can't sell.) But when I do buy tees, this is where I get them from. 

My first favorite is Threadless. I love these guys cause they make witty and artsy comfy tees! The way they get there designs is supa cool also. People can upload there designs and then they can get voted into production.(Find out more HERE.) So even if you don't design tees. You can still go and vote for the ones you like and would buy. And if you design tees this is a great way to get it into production. Everyone wins! They have some cool challenges you can participate in as well! Also if you have patience you can catch these suckers on sale! Some times they have 10$ tees! How awesome is that! They always have some sorta awesome deal going on! 

Second is Society 6. The thing I love about Society 6 is that they have a lot of my favorite artists. You can get stuff by Chis Piascik, Marc Johns and Nan Lawson. Just be careful when your on there site, because there is so much awesomeness on there you will get sucked in! Also if your indecisive like me trying to pick just a few to buy is almost impossible. Luckily I've Zoei to remind me that I can't spend all my money on tee shirts. The feel of these tees aren't your average screen print. They are more soft, kinda like iron on transfers or something. Which I kinda like as a change up from your normal heavy ink tee. Oh, they also now have tote bags! Need to get me one of those! 

And finally is Redbubble. They have a pretty good selection and are all independent designers. Basically anyone can upload there art work and start selling. They've built a pretty nifty lil' community. Which is way awesome! They also have some cool contests which I've been checking out lately  Just haven't committed to entering any of them yet. 

Phew! Enough ranting! Go buy some tees!! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flapper Talk: Grummy

Today's flapper word is GRUMMY! This ones is easy to say, mostly cause it sounds like other words you use everyday, like crummy or grumpy. So it shouldn't be too terribly hard to incorporate into everyday lingo. I really like this one too cause you can use it and people will totally think you're saying something else and then later on when they're thinking about it they will be like wait...did she say grummy? why yes, yes I did. I think this might be one of my new favorite words. Although haven't tried it out much so its too soon to tell if it'll stick or not. On another side note, I found these really awesome vintage make-up guides! I was just going to go and buy it, but then realized that I don't really wear make-up. I guess it could still be cool to read about it and see the fun beauty tips! 

GRUMMY= In the dumps or blue
Example= I'm feeling pretty grummy. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday: Middle Brother

Howdy! This Monday I'm drooling over MIDDLE BROTHER! Now, I haven't started listening to these guys until these past couple weeks and man they are amazing. They've been around since 2010 and have only released one album so far. When I was first looking up there music and tracking through there album it all felt really familiar. But in a new refreshing way. I didn't realize why until I was looking up more about the band. Middle Brother is made up of John McCauley of Deer Tick, Taylor Goldsmith of the Dawes and Matt Velasquez of Delta Spirit. Such an amazing mash up! I adore all three of these bands so it's no surprise that I'm totally smitten over Middle Brother. Although, I always love when bands work together and create these awesome sub albums. Monsters of Folk is one that I really enjoy! But Middle Brother by far takes the cake in my book. They've got a fun, country-ish, folk, indie sound. Lately this kind of sound has been capturing my attention. I'm not sure if its because of the new Avett Brothers album or my obsession with The Lumineers and Trampled by Turtles. But its a style that I've becoming particularly keen too. Anyways enjoy this mini playlist! If you like what you hear make sure you snatch up there album! 

But I'm daydreaming about you,  I know that it's wrong
That I'm daydreaming about you. Yes, I've been daydreamin' for so long.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doodling on my bike!

So at the beginning of summer I fixed up and painted my bike. As you can see HERE. I finally got around to taking a sharpie to it and giving it some cool tattoos! Its been a slow process, mostly cause I just kinda did a little here and there. But now its finally done! Well, for the most part, I'll still probably randomly add new little doodles here and there. I figured next year I'll probably rip it all apart again and re-paint it, so what ever drawings I do are only going to last the rest of the year. (before its too cold to ride my bike anywhere.) 

I always have to name things. It's strange I know. But I named my bike PISTACHIO! Mostly because of the green color and it's just fun to say! 

I went more geometric with the designs that I did mostly cause I wasn't sure how easy it would be to draw on the roundy parts. 

After I was done I sprayed it with a clear coat sealant. Mostly to keep it from fading or rubbing off. Although be careful because I got a little too close and it make the design a bit fuzzy and drippy. 

I think next time I'll do something more flowery, just to match my basket better. 

There is still a lot of blank spaces that I think could use some doodles. I was thinking less is more, but it might look really cool if the whole thing was covered in these kind of patterns. I'll have to remember that for next year. 

Go ride your bike! Before its too cold! 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flapper Talk: Lemon Squeezer

I haven't done a flapper talk post in ages! Mostly because I was finding it more and more difficult to incorporate them in to my everyday lingo. A lot of them just didn't fit the context and I was confusing people. Which don't get me wrong, is awfully fun to do. So, today's word is lemon squeezer. Which is another way to say elevator. I'm not sure why or how this one came about. As far as I can tell elevators have nothing to do with lemons or squeezing. But it is awfully fun to say! When I first read it I thought it was going to more of an insulting word. Like, you lemon squeezer! Which I might use it in that context anyways. Just because it sound funny! Isn't it just a intriguing era! That would be fun for just one day to fully commit to dressing and acting like a flapper girl! Although I'd probably get some really odd looks.

LEMON SQUEEZER= an elevator
Example= She's stuck in the lemon squeezer. 
(Yeah, I know bad example. I can't think of the correct way to use this one though.)


Bonus video! (Is it just me or does that girl start to just look crazy near the end?)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music Monday: Ukulele Songs!

I've always been a huge fan of the ukulele. It just has such a nice fun sound to it and its super easy to learn how to play. But don't let that make you think that its just a toy, cause its way more then that. So this Monday I've made you a ukulele mix! I think by now everyone in my family has there own ukulele. They come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes that all have different sounds. I just love them all! I've been trying to teach myself new songs this weekend. Thanks to ukulele hut,  I've now learned 2 new songs! Which I will probably only ever sing to Zoei, but hey at least I know how to play them right?! 

Now, there are lots of ukulele songs out there and these are just my favorites. I love when my favorite artists have ukulele songs! I wish Zee Avi would do a whole album just ukulele songs! She has a bunch of really cool covers on you tube, but a whole album would just be awesome. I think the ukulele is getting more popular for artists to use. Or maybe I'm just now paying attention. Who knows, I do know that I love it! So take a lesson from Amanda Palmer and go out, get a ukulele and bang out some tunes! Its fun and pretty easy, promise! 

Have a happy week! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nifty Findings: Food

Their are few things that I love more then food. Eating it, looking at it and smelling it. Food is just awesome. Although I don't really cook often its something that I really enjoy. I'm sure I enjoy the eating more then then cooking. But luckily for me Zoei loves the cooking part. Great pair aren't we? I've been finding all these things that I want to cook lately! I've got this weird thing for berries lately. Like THIS black berry lime bar or THAT, blueberry key lime tea cake! Berry and lime must go well together. But Zoei isn't the biggest fan of berries, so It'll be tricky to get her to cook these for me. 

Recipes that she'll for sure try out are THIS one for rice pudding or THAT one for homemade marshmallows. Zoei is just smitten for marshmallows. She also loves spicy things. So maybe I'll try to make THESE lollipops for her! I think she'll love them. 

My newest favorite food blog is Sprinkle Bakes. She's got some awesome recipes! Like THIS one for French toast muffins or THAT one for a vanilla pocky cake! Which I think would be so awesome to make for some ones birthday, with big sparkler kind of candles on the top! Or maybe a scallop cake like THIS one. Seems pretty easy to do and looks amazing! 

I can feel the pounds being added on to my waste line just looking at these pictures. Meh, who cares winter is approaching fast and the extra insulation will be good. So I'm totally going to spoil myself with THESE nutella rolls. Seem so simple to make! I'm sure I can handle that without burning anything. Hopefully! 


Monday, September 10, 2012


Do you remember watching Gumby?! The other night I was roaming around netflix looking for something to watch, when this totally popped up. After watching a couple episodes I realized that when I was little I didn't fully grasp the awesomeness. I've always been a claymation fan and it seemed like growing up we were always watching these type of stop motion or claymation cartoons. I personally am a Pokey fan, but  I think that's just because I like his voice. He also seemed to have more of a level head then Gumby.

I took a little bit of time today to look up and read more about it. Gumby has quite the interesting history. You can go HERE and see how much he changed over the years it was in production. Which I found to be really interesting. I couldn't believe how old it was! Starting out in the 50's! They seemed to have a lot of episodes available on netflix and I also know that you can buy them if you're looking for a trip down memory lane. Now watching Gumby when I'm older, it's really bizarre but done really well. Hats off to Art Clokey for making such a memorable cartoon. Artsy, witty, funny and cute?! What else could you ask for. Now you all know what I'm doing while I'm avoiding stuff to get done, watching episodes of Gumby.

If you've got a heart then Gumby's a part of you!!

Music Monday: I'm From Barcelona

Hello lovelies! The only reason why I somewhat survive Mondays is because of good tunes. Let's face it good tunes can chase away any funkiness that the day may hold. So toady I'm glad to share with you the chipper sounds of I'm From Barcelona. The first thing I noticed about these guys is how full and complete their sound is but still has a sense of youth and fun to it. After looking up more about the band I realized that its because they've got a lot of members! Talk about a FULL band, something like over 20 members. That's what makes them so fantastic. Elaborate sounds and unique instruments, blending together to create a nice solid sound. Their songs are punchy, fun and just have a good feel to them. I bet these Swedish lovelies are killer to see live! Definitely adding them to my list of must see bands!

"Feeling like a tape recorder.
Stuck between rewind and forward." 

Hope your week is successful with a hint of mystery. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall and days of laziness.

It is finally starting to feel like fall. I love fall for multiple reasons. First off fall fashions are my favorite. Between sweaters, scarfs, hats and just layers in general you can't go wrong. I think everyone just looks better in the fall. Everyone all bundled up and cuddly feeling. Don't get me wrong, I love shorts and a tank as much as the next girl. But something about the comforting layers that the fall brings is so lovely. I feel like fall also bring with it a certain feeling. I always blame it on the fact that people are going back to school and everything has a sense of urgency to it. Even though I haven't been in school for a while I still get all those same feelings. Normally it lights a fire under my bum to get stuff done. But this year its had the opposite affect. I'm dragging my feet more then normal and immersing myself in books, avoiding the simplest of tasks. I'm still pushing forward though, slowly hacking away at designs, work and living in general. But today I'm going to crawl back into bed and shove my nose into my book. For now I'm letting myself get wrapped up in the fall wind and all the feelings that it brings with it.

Enough ranting, here's a song that I can't get enough of.
Thelma Plum- Father Said

Monday, September 3, 2012

Music Monday: Tennis

Aloha! Such a lovely Monday! Today I give you some tunes from the band Tennis! Now, I've come across these guys before and always kinda shrugged them off and didn't see anything to special in them. But then this weekend the song Marathon kept popping up on random playlists I was listening too. I realized that its an amazing song and I had to look up more of there stuff. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found and also disappointed in myself for not realizing the awesomeness earlier. Better late then never, right? Tennis is a lovely husband and wife duo, which is just cool. They've got this smooth, retro, indie sound that is very unique. At first they seem like upbeat snazzy tunes not to be taken to seriously. But then you listen to the lyrics and their songs gain some weight and heaviness to them that make them a good indie band and not a pop tune to be brushed off lightly. Plus how unique is that ladies voice. I could probably do with less ooh ooohs. They seem to be sprinkled in almost every song.Tennis has a specific sound that is easily identifiable, which I enjoy when bands can create a sound that sticks out and is unique to them. Anyways enough rambling, listen to the playlist (or at least the first song, its really neat.)  Hope you all have a successful Monday and if not there is always tomorrow! 

"In the woods somethings glowing, a burning light has started growing. It feels like change is upon us at last. Consuming us fast, change is upon us."