Monday, February 21, 2011

We got new junk!

Hello good friends! In case you haven't heard, we got some new printing junk! (wooohoo!) We mostly just got some new screens. Which we are super happy for because now we can retire our old wooden screens. Don't get me wrong, the wooden screens are lovely and get the job done. But light weight aluminum screens are AMAZING, and make printing so much more enjoyable. So now you know, if you ever do screen printing, spend the extra money and get the good screens. We also got some chemicals which should be interesting to experiment with.

We got a killer deal on the screens! Which makes me love them that much more!

The best part about ordering new supplies, is definitely the packaging peanuts! They are so useful!
Ways to re-use your packageing peanuts:
1) well, so you're stuff doesn't get damaged during shipping, of course!
2) alternative to confetti
3) use as snow during the summer ( same white fluffiness affect with out all the coldness.)
4)useful writing tool, you can leave lovely messages on the ground for people!

Friday, February 4, 2011


So after all the shirts we screened for Christmas, we have taken a little bit of a break. But we have some new designs we are working on. We are so stoked to start printing some new shirts. Most of you know that our studio is in the garage and is very cold during the winter so its oddly difficult to print when its chilly out, but we do it anyways. We are going to be preparing our screens this weekend and hopefully get some prints out soon. So keeps your eyes peeled, I will be posting some pictures this next week. Until then, enjoy some fantastic cute awesomeness! YAY!

    I wouldn't mind having one of these, hes too cute!
<--------This guy is totally my new bestfriend!