Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Equipment!

We finally got new equipment! We bought a brand new printing press! It is so shiny and quite heavy! It didn't take us very long to put together (and by us I mean Zoei and Anney). Now we are almost ready to print some amazing T-shirts! We are still getting together some designs, and figuring out all our new supplies that we got. Which is way fun, even if were not being that productive! Any who, we plan on having shirts ready by December. So keep an eye out and we will be posting updates and sharing some of our designs as they spill out of heads like vomit. (Well, good vomit of course!)

Nothing is more exciting then getting 4 huge boxes of supplies! I do believe me and Zoei did a happy dance after the delivery guy left.

I think Zoei fingers were the only ones small enough to be able to get the little bolts in. I am pretty sure she had no finger tips after this.

It's so shiny and amazing. It doesn't look like much, but it is quite important if you want to do lots of shirts. Although Zoei is freakishly good at eye balling the screens to line up the print.

They are working so hard, using tools and junk.

Woohoo! Are brand new printing press! Isn't it wonderful!