Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is officially here!! YAY!!! You know what that means??? It means its time to shed those heavy jackets and show off your awesome silk screened shirts! You no longer have to hide your cool shirts you spent so long picking out each morning. And Brightside wants to help, since us Brightside Girlies LOVE the spring and love showing off our silk screened tees, we are selling all of our shirts for 25% off!! All you have to do is use the promo code "springishere" and you will recieve 25% off of your entire Brightside order.. its pretty neato, so neato in fact that we will only be doing it from now until April 4th, so hurry and get your shirts now for 25% off!! Also keep in mind that a lot of our Large and Small shirts are almost out, we have already sold out of Large Spider shirts, and the small isn't far behind! So get your Brightside Design shirts while you still can!! And also keep in mind that we love each and every one of you, and without you we wouldn't have the motivation to screen our shirts!!

Oh and also check out our Etsy for some paper goods Remi has been working on, she made some envelopes, post cards and all other sorts of fun paper goodies!

PROMO CODE FOR 25% OFF: springishere

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New stuff posted on Etsy!

Hello friends! Just a little update to tell you all what the Brightside girlies have been up too. Finally got some of our paper goodness posted up on our Etsy. We posted some hand made envelopes and stationary sets. I love writing letters and snail mail, there is nothing better then getting something in the mail that's not junk. We also have some postcards posted of some lomography photos I have taken with my lovely Diana-Mini. But I don't want to start rambling on about photography and lomography, I will spare you all the pain and save that post for a day when I run out of ideas to write about. We also have been making lots of thank you cards, which are always handy to have around. I will be posting those up on our etsy also, once I stop being so lazy. Also me and Zoei have been working on some new designs and ordering a new batch of shirts to start printing some new shirts soon! So look out for those. I will try to post pictures of our new designs as we get them done. Well I will try to, I am awfully forgetful these days. As always much love to all the support we are still getting from everyone!

Check out Etsy and get your self some of these fantastic envelopes! There perfect for sending letters! Lets face it everyone LOVES getting handwritten letters in the mail!

Postcards are awesome because they only cost .28 cents to send! Which is perfect if your cheap like me but still like to send friends little notes! If you like sending and receiving postcards you can always join postcrossing! Its an awesome site and its so much fun to receive postcards from around the world!