Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: Keaton Henson

Hello. Today on music Monday I give you KEATON HENSON. Now you might start the playlist and think, man these songs are kinda sad. Well, yes they are a bit weepy BUT man his voice and haunting lyrics are so appealing and intriguing. This guy is something fantastic. Simple, somber and delightful little tunes. For me his songs feel like fall. (yes, I know its summer.) But I can't help but dream of sweaters, scarfs and mittens. Oh, how I've missed mittens. His songs blanket you like heavy fall weather and damp leaves. Which is kinda what I want in the middle of hot summer and warm breezes. Something heartfelt, tragic, romantic and smart. He just writes some clever, meaningful lyrics. My favorite song of his is About Sophie. I feel like everyone has a Sophie in there life. The lyrics to this song are just sickly sweet. The entire album is a good one. I highly suggest snatching it up. It'll come in handy when fall actually does come and you can put it on repeat with your Damien Rice albums. 

" Does his love make your head spin?"

Happy Monday lovelies. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Payday Zine

So I've always liked zines. I tried a while ago to make one of my own but it wasn't really my thing. Anyways a while ago I was roaming around on kickstarter and found this project of a guy making a zine called PAYDAY. You can read more about it HERE. At first I thought it was a cool idea, making a statement and sharing his interesting point of view and also stories that this guy has found along the way of being a working man. But what I was really intrigued with was his way of binding it all together by putting all the little photos in a wallet. I thought ok, that's witty but seemed like it might be a bit awkward to handle. Once I got mine in the mail and started looking through it I thought that whole thing was really successful. I mean zines are supposed to be simple and have something to say.( At least in my opinion.) This guy has some mad photography skills and I would donate again in a heart beat. He is a volunteer photography teacher, flower delivery man and a damn good photographer on top of all that. You know this guy has to be pretty cool and have something to say. Check out his BLOG! 

Man, he really packed these little photo cards into these wallets.  It feels like each time I go to look at it I find a new picture. Zoei also got one and I was surprised that it didn't have very many repeat photos. 

Aren't creative people just so cool. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday: Random Playlist

Hello there. It's Monday, yet again as expected. Lately I've been spending way too much time by myself listening to way too much music, letting all of my antisocial behaviors get increasingly worse. BUT the recent return of my Gold Canary and a new found friend has gotten me out of my destructive slump. So today I give you a very unique playlist that I think you'll like. 

Do you ever get talking with someone and its like your music tastes are so similar but so different? I love, love when this happens. There is something really powerful about sharing music interests with someone. I'm so awkward about making conversation with people, but get me talking about music and I can go off for hours. I love messages that are, "I thought you would like this song." messages. Discovering new music is best when its through a friend because then you can totally talk and rant to them about it. Especially when the song is one you know really well. Something I know all the words to and have listened to it a million times. I usually end up replying with an over reaction like "I love you, lets move to the forest. Grab your records."  I just get so incredibly excited when somebody can just pin point the kind of music I enjoy. Zoei does it all the time and says, this song sounds like you. Music rests in my heart and my soul and to have friends and family that can intertwine with that is just one of the most amazing things in the world. Music is best when shared with friends. 

 Phew, enough ranting. This playlist is complied of songs from friends that said "Hey Remi would like this song."  Most of these songs I haven't heard until they were suggested. And of course some are artists that were suggested  I know and  love and listen to all the time and was just amazed that they would choose that song for me and know me that well to pick a song that I already love. (If that makes any sense.) This playlist has a soft acoustic theme to it, I just felt like all these fit together well. Most of these artists I need to look more into and some of them deserve their own Monday. Luckily I've got many more Mondays ahead of me. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flapper Talk: Flunky

Phew! Haven't posted a new word in a while. But I'm excited to say that I'm very successfully incorporating my flapper talk into everyday lingo. Today's word is FLUNKY, which means funny, odd, particular or different. I'm guessing this one is mostly used as an insult. But maybe not, I guess it could be used just to describe something. I'll have to use it in a negative context and also in a positive one so I can see which one fits better. This one doesn't roll off the tongue like kippy does. I wonder if more people will notice when I toss it in. Seems like a word that would stand out. It's an awkward one isn't it. 

FLUNKY= funny/odd/particular/different
Example: That guy is so flunky when he tells stories. OR
You should go fix your hair is looking flunky. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We all know that I can talk about print making for ages! So I'm going to keep this post short. A while ago while roaming around on Kickstarter I backed this project call ETCHPOP. Small company in need and printmaking involved, this had my name written all over it. They are actually a really cool company. They basically make the wood block for you off of an image you upload. It takes all the blisters out of carving your own block. (Don't get me wrong, there's something beautiful about the blisters.) But the fine detail you can get on these things is so amazing. Here's mine that I just got. The prints turn out pretty good. Although it was tricky at first.

I chose to do some little flowers and the saying, "Without reason." It was really easy to do, I just drew it in adobe illustrator and it was formatted and ready to be uploaded. I was reading about people who use these to do invites for parties post card style! Wouldn't that just be so cute! Now, it can get a little pricey. BUT when you think about it, the block will last forever. So the price kinda makes sense. 

Oh I just love print making. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday: You Won't

Hello. This lovely Monday we're listening to YOU WON'T. It's kinda a silly band name if you ask me, only because it's kinda hard to remember for some reason, or maybe that just me. Any ways, I found these lovely lads after I downloaded THIS mix tape over on the I'm fuel, you are friends music blog. Now the song I first head was Who Knew. In the beginning I was kinda impartial to it, it was good but didn't really stick. But then I found that I kept coming back to it so decided to look up and see if they had any other tunes. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole album (Skeptic Goodbye). Its rare that I can sit through an entire album of just one artist with out going next. They have a nice variety of punchy songs like Dance Moves and Fat and Happy. But as expected they've got a lovely acoustic sound with some dainty piano that is fantastic. Man, this guys voice is just unique and so much fun! It makes his squeaks and quirks in his voice work really well for him and there style. On top of that some super sweet, meaningful lyrics that just fit like a perfect music puzzle being digested by your ears. Any who, I like them and I think you will too. Well at least give it a listen, can't hurt now can it! 

" If I was a hundred and three, I would share all my boring stories, with you. But you caught me too soon, now. Darling what can I do, now." 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Incoming Mail

It's SUMMER! In case you haven't noticed. I have only recently begun to realize this because my mail box has been exceedingly happy! Something about summer makes people really good about responding fast. I think its because most people have the time now, when in the fall and winter time tends to move faster. But I've had an influx of snail mail buddies. So I had to brag and post a couple pictures. If you want a pen pal you can look for one on THIS tumblr. (Seriously you should write some letters, its lots of fun!)

First letter from a new pen pal from Serbia! My lame picture doesn't do that little drawing justice. This girls got some mad skills! She also gave me a menu from her favorite cafe thingy. Its awesome! Now I just need to think of something equally as cool to send back. Check out her TUMBLR if you have a moment. 

Isn't this penguin stationery just the bee's knees! OH and how smart is that to give a pen pal a PEN! Genius. 
-Happy summer (So far!)-

Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Monday: Best Coast

Aloha! It's summer time my friends! Nothing says summer better then BEST COAST! This lovely duo is just pouring with the sounds of hot sloooow, eventful, lazy summers. Some of there songs have this rough, fuzzy rock sound that is dripping with coolness. Lo-fi, indie rock. Surf pop? I'm not too sure on the whole pinpointing a genre thing. All I know is that I like it! They've got lyrics that are simple and sweet and oh so dreamy. Also really relate-able. Boyfriend? Crazy for You? Summer Mood? Don't tell me there isn't something in those songs that are like, yeah...I know what exactly what you mean women. Perfect summer music. I can guarantee that you'll find a Best Coast song on almost EVERY summer mix tape. (Well at least the good ones.) Happy, dance-able, moody summer music.

"I"m always waiting by the phone, I can't wait for you to get home. 
I'm always crazy when I miss you, I'm always lazy when I miss you." 

You're probably like, crazy girl we all already know and listen to Best Coast. Well you know what, listen to them like right this second. (See below) You'll thank me laters. Hugs and kisses! 


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Border Stamps and Stationery

There is something about print making that I just love! I love lino cuts and stamps. So, I made theses lovely little border stamps to make my own stationery. I'm always trying to find new unique stationery and found that my favorites are always the ones I make myself. These stamps are so easy to make too and you can use them for tons of different projects. You can get stamp making kits or even mini lino blocks to make stamps on. But a trick I learned from my dad is to use pink peal erasers. If you get them around when school starts you can get 2 for a dollar! They are easy to carve and clean up really nicely. Also if you mess up its not a total waste of money cause you can still you the crap eraser to erase junk. These are especially nice to use to make border stamps cause you can use the side. It gives you a straight edge to line it up with and it also makes it so you can use both side. Two for one! 

I'm in a crafty, rambling mood lately. So expect lots of random post about craftiness I'm currently working on. Why does it seem like when I'm crunched for time is when I always get the best ideas? Just not enough time these days! 

Bonus! Check out THESE lovely wood block prints or maybe THOSE ones too. 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stamper thing and some cool fellow.

A while ago a was on kickstarter and found THIS really cool guy doing a bunch of letterpress projects and basically just needed some funding for his artistic endeavors. At first I didn't think too much about it and just donated a few bucks mostly cause his video was entertaining. After reading about it a little more I saw that he was using an fill it in your self address stamper thingy. But using it to make his own little sayings and blurbs. I love when people take objects and use them in a way that is creative and unexpected. SO, of course I had to copy him BUT I'm using mine to stamp on envelopes to my pen pals. Also to make little stickers to send to people. Most of the sayings aren't as clever as they could be, but its a working progress. 

Now it kinda takes a LONG time to get all the tiny letters lined up. I felt a bit like a crazy person hunched over my desk with these little tweezers. Just a reminder, like all stamps it needs to be backwards. You will only make this mistake once! 


Also read more about that fellow that calls himself  DUSIK+LAINE on his bloggy thing HERE and watch THIS video. ( It's really cool and afterwards you're totally gonna want to make your own letterpress. Watch it! please and thank you!) 


Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Monday: Yellow Ostrich

Well, hello there. It's Monday! Does it seem like Mondays keep coming faster and faster. Like time is unraveling like a giant ball of unpredictable yarn? You feel it too? I thought so. But here is it my lovelies. Some wondrous tunes to start the week off right. This week I give you YELLOW OSTRICH

Well, I don't really know where to start. Yellow Ostrich started out as a guy just making some lofi recordings in a do it yourself kinda fashion, then formed a band! Then released a couple albums. But check out the beginnings of yellow ostrich HERE,(It's totally worth a gander). I personally dig there OLD stuff more then the NEW. For me personally the older stuff is like, Hey guys wouldn't that be cool if someone put this on an album. When the new stuff is like, Hey man we're like musicians now. Both are good, just different. But overall they have this lovely lofi indie sound with smart lyrics and aren't afraid to punch you in the face when you least expect it. Some of their tracks are slow and dreamy while others are up beat and dance your pants off but all very cohesive. And dare I say it a joy to listen too. 

"Mary says it's okay, she can see the future."