Monday, September 2, 2013

Music Monday: Guilty Pleasure Songs

Music Monday!! Yes- Like I previously stated in my last post, I really want to start doing music monday posts again. After talking music with my cousin Matt AKA The Circus Dweller, I realized I had abandoned our blog, and had left it all up to Remi. Well I am back and ready to blog.. Mostly about the tunes I have been listening to and getting into for the past little while.

Remi gave me the idea to blog about my "Guilty Pleasure" songs. Pretty much songs that you love, and get really into, but you don't play them in your car when others are with you, mostly because if they knew you know all the lyrics to these songs you would be mortified. So I have compiled a small list of songs that I consider my Guilty Pleasure songs- Songs I dance my pants off to when no one is around.

I feel these songs do need an explanation so here it goes:

1. Martyr- Depeche Mode
Were gonna start off with a song, that is an absolute favorite of mine. Its not that I feel guilty listening to it. Its the amount I listen to it. I work 8 hours a day, during those 8 hours I have time to listen to some tunes while working. I don't so much listen to tunes, as much as tune. This song. End. I just can't get enough..He he (if you get that, you are awesome)

2. The Words Best Friend become redefined- By Chiodos.
So I LOVED this song amongst a lot of screamo songs when I was in High School. I grew out of a lot of it, but for some reason I still love this song.. And when I am driving alone, I turn the stereo up and practice my screaming. Seems crazy I know.. That's why its a guilty pleasure.

3. Apology- By SafetySuit
I have yet to meet someone else who likes this song. I never admit to them, that I don't just like this song. I really do love this song. There isn't really anything about it that would generally be appealing to me. I don't like really poppy sounding songs, I like unique voices- this is far from. And I'm not crazy about that generic band sound. Why I love this song so much- No idea. But it has made this list!

4. Jumper- By Third Eye Blind
Again, this is one of those songs that made it because of the amount of love I have for it. Everyone loves this song. Just not as much as me (will accept any challenge based upon this fact) Its so 90's, what's not to love?! Wait a minute. hahaha... This song is just one of those I always manage to slip into any mix I am making, because then I have an excuse to listen to it over and over.

5. Broken Down- By Kevin Hammond
Sappy love song- Check. Uses voice to "impress" us- Check. Have a generic guitar riff ripped off of Jason Mraz- Check.  Why on earth would I love this song so much? Everything about it screams NOOOOO don't listen to me, I offer nothing. Yet, I bought it on iTunes for $1.06. I know he is trying waaayy too hard. But I love it. Guilty.

6. I Wanna Love You- The Maine (Akon cover)
Alright so the last one to make the list is my biggest Guilty Pleasure song.. I mean right off, its an Akon cover. That right there should be your first sign, then a "punk" band (One of those warped tour bands with attractive guys with long bangs covering it) doing it? Seems horrible right, yeah pretty sure most would say that it is. The song is about strippers. Sorry, falling in love with a stripper. Which is SOO much worse! But I for some reason just love this song and love dancing like a fool (without a pole for the record) to it.

Alright, So these were my Guilty Pleasure songs. Remi will post hers soon as well. Then you can compare, contrast, and tease us. I would love to get any one else's guilty pleasure playlist as well!

"I love the way you shake your ass in those jeans"
Ohhh Dear!
-Gold Canary

Friday, August 30, 2013

Zoei didn't just fall of the face of the earth- and this proves it!

Hello Lovelies! It has been about a year and a half since my last blog post. Life did that crazy thing where it gets ahead of you, and you stop or change everything you are so used to doing. Sometimes its good. Sometimes its bad. In my case it was good. My life over the past year and half is mostly as follows:

I met this boy:
And fell in love with him.
I call him Dirk.

We got this little booger:

Who grew up and became this adorablness:
We call her Shu Tzi the Shi Tzu
(Shu Tzi for short-- said like shoot--zee)

These lovlies:
Went on the biggest adventure of their lives and moved across the world to the Phillipines. I miss them like crazy every day. (Can you believe they are scuba diving?!)

I moved into this house:
With Remi, Dirk, and Shu Tzi..In a brand new town (growin up!)

And now I work at the same place, doing pretty much the same thing. Just for 8 hours a day. (See I really am growing up) Our house (as seen above) has a ton of room- so we will be able to start doing more printing and designing, and all the shtuff I love doing!

The last year has been full of adventures, which I am sure I will some day get around to telling the world about. As for now, Im looking for new tunes to blog about when I'm not playing with Shu Tzi or hanging out with the Dirk. I have some tunes just waiting for me to blog about, so I will get on that!!

"At first I thought it was infatuation, But, oh, it's lasted so long"
-Gold Canary

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wild Child

So the other day I'm wasting time on the interweb as usual and listening to spotify when THIS song started playing. After the first two seconds of listening to them I realized that A) I needed to learn how to play this song on the ukulele and B) I need to hear more from these two lovelies. I discovered that this band was called WILD CHILD. After some googleing I found THIS and taught myself how to play pillow talk and fell in love with the heart wrenching duet. (Although, yes it is a duet so when I sing and play it sounds kinda off, cause its supposed to be a duet, but oh well its still fun to play!) As far as I could tell they only have one album out. So I've made you a lil'playlist that is really just my favorites of theres. After tracking though there stuff they started to remind me more and more of Charity Children Berlin, but more sophisticated. Which can be a bad thing, but in this case I love that they remind me of a band that I like immensely. I'm loving this ladies voice. Its sounds so effortlessly unique and delightful. Her voice is superb in the song Bridges Burning. Over all I like these guys singer songwriter, folky feel. They have a very complete sound that is just fun. But upon second listen they have kinda sad, deep lyrics. These kinda sneaky bands are my favorite! Ones that can write a intense meaningful song, but make you feel good and ok about it.

ALSO, I found this video they made to promote there tour with SHAKY GRAVES! I'd probably scream if I got to go see them together! These guys just seem like they are having a hell of a time. I bet they put on a killer show!


"Feel my heart is aching, wish I could stop breaking. Spend all day just thinking for you." 

What do you think about Wild Child?? If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty much in love. But I do wish they had a more creative band name, just saying.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good Old War

While tracking though a couple playlists on 8tracks. I came across Good Old War! Two different songs were on two different playlists and I fell in love with both of them! So I figured I needed to listen to them more. I automatically was in love with there folky, alternative country sound. PLUS their songs have some of the most adorable, heart felt lyrics I've ever heard. I love his sweet, nasally voice! The way they layer their voices is really interesting. Its awesome how simple there songs are and they've got some nifty little riffs though out their songs. I can't believe that it took me this long to discover theses guys!

Hope you like this mini-playlist! Look these guys up! They are definitely added to my list of people that I need to see live.


What is WAS, what is IS and what its BECOMING...

Theres no doubt that you can tell that this blog has quickly been consumed by tunes. Which isn't a bad thing. Zoei and myself first started this blog when we started our own lil' screen printing business. Unfortunately last fall we had to close up out lil shop and focus on life a little bit. We love LOVE screen printing and theres no doubt that we will start it up again soon. But until then I've been neglecting this blog quite a bit. Mostly because I have my own personal BLOG, that I've been working hard at keeping updated. Its also hard to blog about screen printing and our art adventures when we really aren't having any.

So its half way though the year and so far the Brightside blog has become my place to share music with all of you. Which I personally love! I've always wanted a music blog, but never really knew how to go about it. I've been pretty flaky and only blogging when I find something that I really just want to share with the readers of the interweb. But I think that's how it should be. So no more music just on Mondays, now its music everyday...err...when I find something worth sharing!

I'm not sure how many readers we actually have on this blog, but if you happen to stumble upon it then I hope you find a band off of this blog that you really love. Or at the very least find a bit interesting.

Keep on listening! Don't fret we'll be back sinking our hands into some inky goodness in no time!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not Monday, but Music.

I just got home from an amazing lil' show in good ol' Provo. We had the pleasure to listen to the Utah native, Isaac Russell. I'm sure I've rambled on about him plenty of times and it seems like all the ladies around here can't get enough of him. I don't blame them, he is the bee's knees. But he is on his way to releasing a new album any day now, so seeing him live means a lot of new songs! Which I always enjoy because I love following artist and seeing what they can come up with next! Anyways, I really wanted to share the two latest songs of the young Mr. Isaac Russell. Who, by the way, never fails to disappoint and put on a good show! Despite the heat/sweat/smelly people I had a fantastical evening.

So? What do you think? I think I need some sleep and I'm pretty sure Gloria is gonna make it in my top ten for 2013.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Music Monday: AA Bondy

First off I'm feeling a bit boobish because I haven't done a music post in a while. Its really cause nothing has captured my attention fully as of late. I think I might be going though another music shift where I listen to everything and anything and nothing seems to satisfy the void. But not today!

On this windy sunday I'm completely wrapped up in the musical-ness of A.A. Bondy. I first heard of him when we were at a local show and they fellow performing was ranting on about this artist and was like...go look him up, its good stuff. My thought process was, I like this guys music I bet I like the music that he likes. Seems logical right? At first listen I'll be honest with you, I wasn't blown away. It seemed kinda sappy and sad. (Rainy day kinda tunes) I didn't listen too much and just passed it off until the song How Will You Meet Your End popped up on my spotify one weekend. I was instantly wrapped up in the rhythmic loveliness and that alarming screeching guitar. So I figured I need to give this one another listen. After listening (this time with open ears) I complied this little playlist. I love his little rock folk guitar riffs and sweetly haunting voice. All of this wrapped together in poetic thoughtful lyrics that'll keep you guessing what they actually mean. I'd love to see this guy live, I bet hes loads of fun doused in cuteness. I still have to look up more about him and his albums. But for now I'll just swoon over this playlist. 

Phew! Enough ranting. Listen listen! What do you think?
Hope you all have a good week!

"And the roses die and bloom, and I'm dreaming in my room.
That you and I fell into the sky, and went dancing on the moon."