Monday, December 31, 2012

Moving on and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Phew, this year has been an interesting one for Zoei and myself. It's safe to say that we learned A LOT about our relationship and the amazingness that comes along with being sisters and twins! I'm happy to say that we have survived the year and are ready to move on to better and more fantastical things! We just finished up cleaning and moving out of our lil studio. But don't fret we still plan on making some lovely tees, especially in the summer of 2013! For now though we have packed up our stuff and am taking a bit to sort out and figure out the next step. Both of us are excited to start new with a new space and new fresh ideas! So keep your eyes peeled for some newness that is in the works.

The biggest thing I want to mention is all the amazing support that we continually receive from friends and family. There is no doubt that we couldn't have accomplished anything with out all of you! When you jump into a project like this its so amazing to see how positive and supportive people can be! One of the greatest things I've learned through out all of this is that the people I've surrounded myself with are truly beautiful, amazing people! I just feel so incredibly lucky to live the life that I do!

So THANK YOU all my lovlies! I hope you have an amazing new year!


Music Monday: Best of 2012

I know by now you're probably sick of hearing all the "best of" playlists. But I wanted to share my two cents and also share some of my favorites of 2012. Now, don't worry I'll keep it short and won't ramble one too much. Man, there were so many good albums released this year. Probably too many that I can't even remember them all! But I think that it is a unanimous decisions the The Lumineers have taken the top spot in the bright-side girls hearts. That album has become a must have staple in our car. But don't forget about The Avett Brothers, Norah Jones (long time favorite of mine.), Bahamas, Joshua James, Matt and Kim, Alabama Shakes, Fiona Apple and Lisa Mitchell. Whoa, there are just too many. Not including all the amazing singles and eps that have been released! Needless to say it was an amazing year for music!

Zoei and I also got the chance to see a ton of great bands this year! Everything from Matt and Kim to the Avett Brothers we really got spoiled this fall! I think its fair to say that live music is the best. Old or new releases it all sounds amazing when you see it in a crowed place with strangers. We've already got tickets to see Augustana and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down early 2013, so I'm super stoked for the new year! So many awesome bands are making there way to good ol'utah!

Phew, so here is a mini playlist of my favorites of 2012. I couldn't find all the songs that I wanted to include. So click HERE to listen to an amazing Lisa Mitchell songs and click THERE to hear an awesome Joshua James song. I've also probably left TONS off of my lil list, but eh it is what it is!

Cheers to a great year in music!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Festive Hair!

It's that time of year! Time for family gatherings and awkward parties to attend. This year I'm going to attempt to be extra festive with fancy hair! I saw THIS post to do a chignon hairstyle. (yeah, I had to look that up, but doesn't it look pretty!) Seems pretty simple. I also found THIS video on how to do a zipper braid with a bun. Which I have tired a few times and am realizing that its gonna take some practice before I can get it down. And that this girly must have some really buff arms, cause man mine were aching after 2 seconds! I also want to tackle THESE finger wave curls. I wouldn't mind doing my hair like that everyday. Well, that is if I have the time and aren't feeling too lazy.

Go out and do some fancy hair for New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis The Season!

      I can't believe Christmas is almost here! Where did the time go! It seemed like I was so ambitious at the beginning of the month, now I'm just trying to finish one project! On the bright side I have successfully sent out all my christmas cards and am done with the shopping! (Well almost there is always more stuff to buy!)  So many things still that need to be done! I haven't even begun to start wrapping any of the gifts I bought. Zoei and I are doing personalized mugs for our family (which I found HERE!) and we haven't even started on those yet! Plus we plan on making some sweet treats also, because lets be realistic Christmas isn't Christmas with out plates full of unhealthy things! I think this year we're going to try to make peanut butter truffles, caramel shortbread cookies and almond roca! Thanks to Zoei's new found obsession with Pintrest, she's been finding all kinds of recipes. Who knows what will actually get done. Like I said we were a bit overly ambitious. But we're still going to give it a shot! Wish us luck!

I've also found some christmas tunes to enjoy whilst tackling the long to do list I've got in head of me! I love 8tracks, this is one of my favorite holiday playlists I've been listening too. Also, you can download  a free christmas album from the lovlies at Velour!! I love this because its local, its free, it's live AND Isaac Russell singing sister winter. Need I say more.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Holidays and Photo-A-Day

        I must say I've been lacking on the blog posts as of late. In all fairness doesn't it seem like the holidays suck the time out of everything! Even the simplest things take FOREVER! Little things just like running to the store to get a pair of gloves. After battling to find ones you like, you get 5 other workers trying to get you to buy other crap that you really don't need. But its the holiday season so you don't want to be rude to anyone. Nobody wants to be that grumpy gus that pouts whenever they go out anywhere. So, I smile and wait in the extremely long line at the post office and accept it. It is what it is, Oh the holidays and the wonder of it ALL!

On a lighter note! I feel like I'm on the edge of getting my creative juices back! This week has been filled with sketches and getting stuff done! I don't want to say anything too soon so I don't jinx myself. But I have a good feeling about this coming year! I've also been doing Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day! Its really fun and now that I've discovered instagram it makes it so much more enjoyable! Any who  check out my instagram and take part in the photo challenge! Its tons of fun!

Only 18 days until Christmas! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Music Monday: Shovels and Rope

Hello my lovlies! Can  you believe it's December already! Time is just going by crazy fast. On the bright side Christmas is a coming! It's official you can listen to Christmas music and NOT get dirty/ strange looks from people! By now you're probably thinking, YAY music monday has gone Christmas ..well you're wrong. Today I'm in love with SHOVELS AND ROPE! (Don't worry there are plenty of Mondays in December!) Shovels and Rope are two lovlies named Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. They are quite the nifty duo if I do say so myself. I'm not quite sure how to describe there sound. For me personally it has way more of a country-ish sound then I normally go for. But they've got a few singer-song writer tunes as well as a bit of a rock-ish pop sound. You should probably just listen to the mini playlist i've complied for you and tell me what you think! Regardless of the label I try to put on there sound one thing is clear, these guys can write a fun/sappy tune. They've got songs laced with poetic/story telling lyrics and the occasional foot stopmin' hand clappin'. Which are all good things!

I've to warn you, Box Car is my favorite song of theirs and it will get stuck in your head. In a good way of course, until you can't help but sing it out loud. Which can sometimes be awkward, unless people around you know what song has possessed your mind at the moment. SO, if you like there tunes,  you should share them so then you can sing them out loud and only seem semi crazy.

"If they ever come to ask about me, tell 'em that you knew me and you kinda liked me. I ain't afraid to go it on my own, you can make a run and make it all alone. You'll be alright." 

Happy Monday!