Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Its Wednesday!

Its Wednesday...well the end of it at least! Just thought I would share a project that I've been working on. I'm always working on new projects and love crafty things. Although I hardly ever finish any of the projects that I start. Any ways, I've been working on making some STICKERS! I am truly in love with my sticker maker, if you don't have one you should get one. I also love vinyl records. So...I made some record stickers! They are really easy to make and look pretty amazing. (not to brag or anything)

 FIRST: Cut out some black circles. ( I used a circle cutter, not necessary but makes it way easier)

SECOND: Add a little white circle in the center like the label for the record. (I used mailing labels and cut them up, just so that they were already sticky and I didn't have fool around with the glue.)

THIRD: Poke a little hole in the center. (I used a itty bitty hole puncher, but you could use a needle or even just use a marker and make a little pretend hole.)

FOURTH: Make it look pretty! I wrote a mini track listing and band name on the white label to make it look fancy. Then took a white pencil and made little lines like the texture on a record.


TA-DA! Nifty new stickers! I personally love the way they turned out. I'm going to post a mini-pack of these on our Etsy, well...when I stop being lazy and get around to it. ALSO...we love comments! But no one ever leaves comments. :( So.....Leave us a comment and get a FREE STICKER! No guarantees that it will be a record sticker, but probably something I've shoved through my sticker maker. But lovely none the less. So leave us a comment and include your e-mail address and I'll send you some itty bitty love in sticker form.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Monday: Desert Noises Kickstarter

Hey-ooo!! Zoei here and I am super excited to introduce you to my new friend, his name is Music Monday (name is still in progress. I think.) I am going to make Monday worth waking up for now by blogging about something music related (yeah!!) Im super stoked, I find a ton of great music every day, and now this will help me share all of that awesome with you! So here it goes for Music Monday (again, not sure about name) blog numero uno!!

Otay so I absolutely love being from Provo, why you ask, well there are so many reasons, but by far my number one reason would have to be all the awesome local music we have. A lot of people dont realize just how many great bands come from Provo, I would love to name a few but for today I am writing about only one. I have loved this band for a while now, so this blog is for Desert Noises.

Desert Noises = Zoeis fav band. Kickstarter = Zoeis favorite website. So Desert Noises+Kickstarter = Zoei just danced her pants right off. If you read our blog often then i am sure you are sick of me blogging about I am obsessed. (Remi keeps telling me it could be worse so not to worry) But its just so great, and it feels good to donate to bands that need extra moneys! For those who have no idea what a kickstarter is please refer to my past blog which i believe is conviently calledKick Starter.Com And then come back and continue --->HERE<----- (saved your spot for you! You're welcome.) Now that you know what kickstarter is I would absolutly love you if you went and checked out Desert Noises kickstarter here---->tDesert Noises Kickstarter page. They are a great band, and are definitely deserving of your hard earned cash, and they are offering super great incentives, so you dont just donate and get nothing, you get great music and you get to help a great band! So I realize that I always ramble on and on so im going to keep it short. Help Desert Noises get funded. Know that I love you even more than I did before. Get great music/nifty gifties. Get to know a new great band you didn't know of before. Help spread the Desert Noises word around to people who like awesome things.

Desert Noises+kickstarter+our help = More great music for our lovely ears!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright.

I probably blog about other people’s blogs way too much. But I just love them sooo much! There’s so many insanely creative people out there it boggles my mind some times.  But here are some blogs that are just way too cool not to mention. 

From the Top of Willamette Mountain.  The blog of one of my favorite singer songwriters, Joshua James. I love this blog because it’s not just about his music and performing. It’s about life, good food and good company. He is an amazing writer. Reading his blog is like reading a really funny and intelligent chapter from a really good book. Just ask Zoei, I bug her all the time to read it and now I’m going to bug you to read it too.  
Here comes the sun. One of my new favorites added to the long list of things I read regularly. My favorite part about this blog is the pictures. Honestly I only read it half the time, mostly I just look at the neat pictures. The girl is just adorable and her hats are amazing!

Also...I learned how to make pictures go to different links, that’s why it seems like I have random pictures on this post. Sooo..if you're extra bored, clickety click on the pictures.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello Wednesday!

Oh Wednesday. You’re so sneaky. Time is going by way too fast, but I’ve found that it usually does in the summer. So I’ve been working hard these days. Well, not too hard but I do think that I have earned myself at least some bragging rights. Here are some projects I’ve been working oh so hard on.

1)      Making some magnets! I’m so in love with my magnet board. Everyone knows that my magnet board is filled to DA MAX! So it only feels appropriate that I would make some magnets myself. A while ago I bought some cool vintage button magnets. So I thought I would give it ago and make some myself. After searching I found some cool vintage buttons and game pieces. I always see cool vintage things that I really want but don’t really have a purpose for. So when I saw these really cool bingo pieces I had to have them and make them into some spiffy magnets!

2) I’ve also been making some little pins. I’ve always like the way brooches looked, but never really know what to wear them with. So I made my own mini version of a brooch. It’s more like a pin. Any who…its super simple. Just a little red heart. I think they are perfect to give to people so they can wear them around and be reminded how much they are loved. You can put them anywhere too, on your bag, shirt, dress or sweater. You can even wear it on your sleeve! (he he)

BONUS!---- Blossom Dearie, oh how I do love you. 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beet Cake and Angus Stone.

I have been obsessing over this blog all week! Just ask Zoei, I haven't stopped talking about how much I want to make beet cupcakes! I'm always reading new blogs, mostly to cure my boredom and feed into any creative part of me there is. I'm always jealous of people that are more creative then me, so I easily become obsessed. But take a moment and check out this video! Its amazing. I wish all my dreams were like this, especially in those colors! Everything from the music to the colors and the font used makes my heat melt. If your bored check out there blog TIGER IN A JAR, its kinda amazing also.
                                  beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

The only thing I want is to eat a awesome beet cake and hang out with these guys! Angus you're so cool..
Watch this video and don't be lazy watch the whole thing. (Feel free to randomly dance when you feel appropriate) Am I the only one that sees the amazing little elephant on his guitar? I seriously need to get one of those, a mini elephant that is..not a guitar.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Cupcakes and Sunshine!

Nothing says summer like cupcakes and a healthy dose of sunshine! A very successful July 4th weekend! Although I’m not that patriotic, I did thoroughly enjoy myself this Independence Day. I mean you can’t go wrong with a friendly game of cupcake wars. I learned a lot of things from cupcake wars….

1) Your sisters will trash talk at every chance they get and Zoei is surprisingly good at trash talking. Something I defiantly need to work on.

2) It is possible to eat too many cupcakes.

3) A lot of people don’t like coconut. (Shocking I know)

4) People love cupcakes, no matter what the flavor. The last cupcake they ate is always going to be there favorite.

5) Combining 2 recipes flavors usually work out really good. Example: Zoei’s banana mocha chai cupcakes! Originally 2 recipes tossed together to create awesomeness!

Too many good cupcakes to have a winner. Although I do like to think that my own coconut cupcakes were the best, but that just my opinion. If you love coconut as much as me HERE is the recipe to make your own coco-nutty cupcakes! A secret that I stole from a coconut cake recipe I have is, when you pull them out of the oven while there still hot poke some holes in them and pour in a mixture of sweetened condensed milk and cream of coconut. It makes them kinda messy and gooey but super yummy!

For sure one of my favorites! A banana cupcake with a mocha and chai tea filling. Sooo yummy! You can’t go wrong with banana! I think Zoei defiantly gets extra points for creativity.

Key lime cupcakes made by Uhi! One of the yummiest cupcakes ever! This one defiantly wins cutest decoration. Disguised as corn but tastes like limes!

The strawberry cupcake that Hoku made was soooo yummy! It’s filled strawberries which is the best surprise ever when you chomp into a cupcake!