Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday: We Were Evergreen

Ahoy! Today I'm listening to We Were Evergreen! I'm super excited to share this band with you today! I'm a recent fan of these lovelies. I didn't discover them until flipping through some take-away shows on youtube. After obsessing over there videos for a little bit I had to look up more. I automatically fell in love with the song Penguins and Moonboots. You all know how much of a sucker I am for a good ukulele! These guys know how to take simple idea and make it into something complex that wraps you up in loving arms. Its fun, poppy and slightly electronic. These fellas know how to layer instruments so beautifully. They are quite unique in the way that they are French, but don't sing in French. Which I'm kinda glad, because learning to speak/understand french I've always failed! But I'm sure I'd still have a appreciation for there tunes. Needless to say I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys!

"Weird dreams, trampolines, girls playing bass guitars. 
I like falling asleep in the back of other people's cars."

Hope you have a happy week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Monday: Valentines Playlist

Hello! It's Monday yet again and it seems like we are on our way into the short month of February! The awkward Valentines holiday is quickly approaching so it only felt necessary to do a themed playlist this Monday. Now I'm not a huge fan of Valentines. It always causes more issues then anything else. I could ramble on about how silly I think it is but I'll save you the lecture. As I sat down to make a playlist I couldn't decide what kinda love songs I wanted to compile. I mean, it's obvious that a valentines playlist would be love themed, right? I couldn't decide it I wanted mushy love songs or anti-love songs. So I decided to do both. Well, I didn't decide it just kinda happend.

Playlist number one: Happy songs that are kinda about love!
I wanted to do an upbeat dance you pants off kinda love playlist. I think I was fairly successful. Hopefully these songs are unique and not on your average Valentines playlist.

Playlist number two: Songs about how messy love is. 
Now these aren't your average anti-love songs. They are more like love songs with sad endings. Songs about how complicated and messed up love can be. Let's face it, love is a tricky thing to survive.

"People say they love a lot of things, but they really don't. It's just a word that's been overused." 
-Bob Dylan

Have a lovely week filled with lots of mushy Valentine-ness!