Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday: Go To Songs

Go to songs: Songs in which you can listen to always; it does not matter your mood, the day, the time, the weather, or your state of mind. These songs some how manage to satisfy you, or give you whatever it is you need from a song at the given time.

Alright, so i'm pretty sure by this stage you are thinking: What the hell are you talking about and did you just make up your own definition for a phrase you made up. And the answers are pretty easy: I am talking about those songs that you can listen to at any time in your life and you like them. The songs when you can't find a song you want to listen to so you pop one of these on and you feel satisfied. I don't know if many of you have songs to this extreme like me, but I know everyone has those songs that you just love no matter what kind of state you are in. And yes I'm pretty sure I have made up the statement "go to songs" and I have written the definition for it.
So what does this mean for Music Monday? It means I am going to share my go to songs with the world. Okay so maybe just our blog readers, but its all the same to me! (I am very invested in my blogging!) Obviously if I posted all of my go to songs it would be quite the playlist, so I have narrowed my list down to my absolute favorite go to songs. I hope you enjoy them because these are the songs that I love no matter the date the time the weather or my state of mind. Enjoy!

Alrighty, so the hardest part about this playlist was dealing with the fact that these songs are just super random, some fast, some slow, some silly, some serious. I think one of these days I may just seperate my go to list into smaller lists. Yeah, I think ill do that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday: Seeker Lover Keeper

Monday is here again! Which means Music Monday is here again! YAY! After last weeks extremely long blog post I thought I would simplify my Music Monday post on this lovely Monday. So to cut to the chase, this week we are talking: Seeker Lover Keeper.

First off, I LOVE their name, I think it fits their music perfectly! Second, if you haven't heard of them, I hope I have just introduced you to one of your new favorite bands! and third if you haven't heard of them it is a band made up of three fantastic artists that Remi introduced me to; Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby then she informed me that they had collaborated and together make up Seeker Lover Keeper. I am now madly in love with all three of their individual music and now their collab project is in my top favorite artists, and I hope either one of the three or Seeker Lover Keeper is now in your top favs!  And fourth, I hope you enjoy the videos below (My favorite is "Even Though I'm a Woman") and if you love it go check out their site, more specifically their video page on their site. And of course go "like" them on the facebook (PS. if you like them on facebook, they have their whole album on it- take a listen!) and if you are into that twittering thing (I'm obsessed lately!) go follow them and tweet at them!

Enjoy, and have a pleasant week!

Friday, October 14, 2011


It’s been a busy week! We finally got the BANDIT finished! He cute and cuddly but oh so dangerous! He will steal your heart so watch out. This little guy isn’t up in our etsy shop yet. But if you just can’t wait any longer to have him we are selling him at the farmers market. So come say hey and grab up one of these sneaky guys. Also, we are currently on the quest for some new printing space. We’ve been looking at warehouses and any other space that looks interesting. Don’t get me wrong I love the garage and all, but man it gets cold in the winter. We don’t want to stop printing shirts just because the weather and I love my toes and fingers too much to put them through that again. So the quest begins. Wish us luck!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday: Parlor Hawk

Music Monday! Music Monday! Music Monday!!! That's right everybody, it is Monnndayy again! And what does that mean?? It means I (Zoei) get to blog about one of my many favorite bands! My current fav (AKA the cd I haven't been able to take out of my car all week) is Parlor Hawk.. That means on this lovely Monday we are going local!

Provo seriously has some of the best music, I know that may sound a little biased being born and raised here, but there are bands from Provo that are making it big, and I am absolutely loving it! It is about time people see the talent we hold here in good ol Provo! I love mentioning local bands, because I know there are so many music lovers here that don't know about all the awesome bands we have. But today I am talking about just one band, one band that has stolen my heart!

I am a huge Parlor Hawk fan, I got really into them last year about this time so it totally reminds me of fall, and that's probably the reason I haven't been able to take it out of the player in my car! I'm definitely a summer kinda gal so I'm always sad when fall arrives pushing summer off to the side, but having good tunes get me through everything and Parlor Hawks music reminds me of all the good that comes with fall!

To me fall is kind of calm compared to the go go go that comes with summer, and Parlor Hawk has that feeling, not calm in a boring or mundane way, but in a good relaxing way. In a single song they have everything that you want from a soft folk rocky song. Not only do they have all of those components you look for in a great song, but they compile them amazingly to give you one damn good song. With an album there are usually those songs that you just absolutly love that make it on to every mix, and others that you usually skip over. But on Parlor Hawks album "Hoarse and Roaring" this is not the case-EVERY SONG IS JUST SO GOOD!!

Thus comes a challenge for all of my Music Monday readers. Ready for it? Here are the steps: 1.Get ahold of this album. 2.Toss it in the player. 3.Only push the next song button if you are bored and/ or don't like the song (does this button have an actual name- if yes please tell me) 4.When you get to the end of the album and realize you didn't push the next button a single time send me a message (ill take a comment on this post) thanking me for introducing you to Parlor Hawk. NOTE: If for some weird reason you get to step 4 and realize you have in fact pushed the next button then continue to step five. 5.Go to facebook, see if we are friends, if so unfriend me. I hope you enjoy this band as much as I do, and seriously get a hold of this album, you will thank me later!

As always don't forget to find them on the www:  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

PS. If you love them, they will be playing at Velour (in Provo) on October 20th with Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond PA. This is going to be a great show- hope to see you there!

This song is everything in a song that you want! Its got a soft folky sound to it that just makes me smile every time I hear it! Enjoy!

The first time I heard this song was at Fork Fest last year, so does it remind of fall? Hecks yes! Hearing this song means fall to me.

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Send a letter!

I know I’m always going on about how much I love snail mail. But oh, how I do love it! Nothing is better than getting a letter in the mail that’s not junk mail or ads. I did THIS post a while ago. Recently people have been talking about how much debt the post office is in blah blah political mumbo jumbo. Now there talking about closing branches and not delivering on Friday or Saturday. That makes my heart very sad. I was reading THIS and a little bit of THAT to try and inform my little brain of the happenings. But in conclusion I just like writing letters. I encourage everyone I know to write more letters and take advantage of our postal services. You have to send a letter to get a letter. So, what are you waiting for go write someone a letter and make there day. I’m off to go use up my pretty new stationery and make someone else’s mail box happy.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday: Greg Holden

Hey-O!! Zoei here on this lovely Music Monday!! I look forward to blogging about my current music fav each and every Monday, but usually I have no idea what artist to blog about until I sit down and start typing.. but currently I have been listening to a certain awesome somebody in my car and have absolutely fallen in love with him. This week we are talking Greg Holden!

Okay, so I first have to start by saying Greg Holden is seriously one of the cutest guys ever, and has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time (and he has an accent-- how much cuter can you get than that?) Second I have to say he writes a damn good song! I totally love everything about his songs, they are catchy, yet unique and the singablillity is in the excellent range (who doesn't like singing?)

There is just so much to love about Greg Holden, his looks, his accent, his amazing song writing skills. Its actually pretty amazing that I haven't blogged about him thus far. I have had his album in my car for a while, but never really left it in the player, until this last week. Remi and I must have gone through the whole album 15 times and there were just so many songs on the album that I desperately want to share with the world, okay just our blog readers! So I think that is my rant on Greg Holden and all of his awesomeness.. So check out his YouTube Channel and of course like him on Facebook and if you are a twitter-er follow him on Twitter..  Here are some of my favorite songs; but check out youtube for tons more greatness!

Have a great week!