Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joshua James Audio-File

It's no secret that I am such a big fan of Joshua James. As you can tell from THIS post I did a while ago. I just wanted to share this video with everyone. Now, if you live in Provo Utah and you're not Mormon. There is a definite  love hate relationship with BYU. First off, there is more to Provo then the stupid school. Maybe I'm biased because I was born and raised here and I'm just use to that mind set of people. But it's not a bad place and the school (although annoying) isn't a bad school. There are stupid close minded people, but I think those people will be everywhere. Where you live is what you make of it and I like it, flaws and all. Anyways, this video is AWESOME. Don't dislike it because it's got the BYU stamp on it. Its wonderfully put together and is visually beautiful. Joshua James has some magical words to say, as always. So, check it out. Please and thank you. (I know the commercials are oober annoying, its worth it. promise.)


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flapper Talk: Bee's Knees

I was talking to a friend the other day about some new CD releases. I told him,"that new song is the bee's knees." He had no clue what I was talking about. Now, I know I use lots of odd words that people don't these days but I thought everyone knew that one. I wasn't sure how to explain it. We all know that it means something good, but I wanted to explain where it came from. So, after some searching on the interweb I came up empty handed. BUT, I did find out a lot more words that I haven't been using. I was also reading about a flapper magazine that was released in the 1920's. You can read about it HERE. My goal now is to learn as many flapper words as I can and use them through out the day. Today's word is bee's knees. 

BEE'S KNEES= Anything good. 
Example: That song is the bee's knees. 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday: The Tallest Man on Earth

Hello Monday! This Monday we're listening to Kristian Matsson AKA The Tallest Man on Earth. This Swedish hunk of beautiful soul will surely brighten any Monday blues you might be having. Hes got a hauntingly unique voice and some mad guitar playing skills. There is this rawness and simplicity to his music that is just so darn cool. Side note, his wife Amanda Bergman has written some lovely tunes. She releases music under IDIOT WIND and it totally worth a gander if you have a moment. She does a cover of Bob Dylan's song, Mama You've Been on My Mind that is good. I mean, really good. Also, The Tallest Man is due to release a new album in June that I am super stoked for. You can listen to one of his new songs called 1904 HERE. I've compiled a mini playlist of a my favorite songs of his. If you like any that you hear go look him up, buy his albums and become a fan like me! 

Hope all you beautiful people have a successful week! 
"Because you named me as your lover. Well, I thought I could be anything." 

P.S- Is that not an awesome cover of Graceland? I mean, we all know Paul Simons will be the best, but this is pretty darn close. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's be friends: Chirs Piascik

One day I was roaming around kick starter and found this really cool project this artist was doing, Chirs Piascik. For the past little while he has been doing a drawing a day (Monday-Friday) and posting in on his BLOG. Then he compiled them and made a book! His kick starter was to help get funding for publishing his book. How could I not back this project, its just a cool idea. I always start those doodle a day journal things, but then get too lazy. I admire him for doing it everyday. That takes a boat load of dedication. I got my book in the mail the other day and I love it! I'm always at the book store looking for typography and art books. This one is unlike any other that I've bought. (Don't get me wrong I love my Mike Perry book.) But this book is a good one. If  you love art books like me, you need to BUY it. Its so inspiring and will get your creative juices flowing. So, Chis we should be friends. I'd love to bust out the sharpies and doodle with you. Let's be friends.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday: Jenny & Johnny

Good morning Monday! eh..afternoonish. As you can tell we've been lacking on the music Monday posts the past few weeks. But never fear, I've got Jenny and Johnny here to make it all better! Now first off the reason why Jenny and Johnny is so great is because separately they are fantastic. Put them together you've got a duo of amazing wanna sing along and be there best friend music. So, step one JENNY LEWIS. Man, this girl has quite the musical background. Shes played with almost everyone, released an album with the WATSON TWINS. Did back up singing for Conor Oberst and was the lead singer to RILO KILEY. Even relased her own album. This talented lady deserves a Monday all to her self. Step two, JONATHAN RICE. This guy can write a lyrically captivating song. And his voice is so unique and soothing. Which sounds like it wouldn't be a good thing, but it is! Put them together you've got Jenny and Johnny. AKA The worlds cutest couple. Snatch up there album I'm Having Fun Now, its a good one. Trust me.

I know the playlist is a bit long, but they're really good. So yeah, listen to it all. Well, at least the first 30 seconds of each song. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Today feels like an Avett Brothers day.

Do you ever wake up and have a song stuck in your head? Happens to me all the time. Today I woke up the Avett Brothers singing "I and Love and You" in my head. So, I did these drawings and made this playlist. Happy weekend. 



Monday, May 14, 2012

Diana Mini

I love all my cameras but my MINI has to be one of my all time favorites. It was my first ever lomography camera! Lots of trail and error with this one. There are so many cool things about this camera. But the coolest thing, is just the way is looks. It almost looks like it shouldn't work. That maybe its just a toy. But it does work and takes amazing photos! Here is a list of pros and cons, according to Remi.

Good things:
- Its 35mm, easy to get developed
-Super compact and travels easily
-Has two format settings (half or square) which basically means you can cram a whole lotta pictures on a roll of film when you're only shooting half frame.
-Compatible with Diana flash

Not so good things:
-Its so little that the flash makes it top heavy and awkward to handle
-The parts inside are so delicate and small that its easy to break

Here are some pictures I've taken with the mini. Unfortunately I was a little rough and broke my advance wheel. So, my little lady is out of commission. But I still got some good pictures out of it and now I have an excuse to buy THIS one.


(Half format)

(Square format)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Incoming mail

One of my most favorite things in the world is mail. Now, not your average junk mail, but beautiful handwritten letters with doodles all over them. The other day I got a letter from one of my favorite pen pals Edvin. He always sends me the best and most artsy things. I just had to share a picture of my most recent received letter.  He sent me 2 mix cds and  a bunch of these bizarre pictures with funny sayings on them. Now I just need to find something equally as awesome to send back! Check out his BLOG if you have a moment. (Yes, I know its all in Swedish, minor details people!) 


4X6 Exchange

A while ago I did THIS post about the Art House Co-Op. I finally got my piece of lovely artsy mail today! I opened it up and was blown away! I mean, I knew I was going to get something awesome. But man, this guy is a really good illustrator. I'm so happy to have a little 4X6 of his work! Check out his BLOG. Hes got a great style. I feel like one lucky girl to have this funny pear drawing. Just another reason why I love Art-House Co-Op so much! I wouldn't have ever gotten this opportunity with out them. I can't wait to participate in more projects! 


"Peary Tale" 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Painted my bike.

This week I finally stopped being lazy and fixed up my bike. At the end of last summer I got a flat back tire. Instead of just fixing it then, I figured it was getting chilly might at well just hide it in the garage and deal with it later. But now its summer and I'm ready to feel the wind in my hair! So, since i needed to fix the flat I figured I might as well paint it. I've been meaning to paint it for sometime. It went surprisingly well! At first I did need a little help from Jeremy (my brother in-law). But just to get the thingys loose. After that spray painting was super easy. I always love spray paint projects! Then putting back together I did it all by myself! I even used all the tools in the correct manner. It didn't even fall apart afterwards! I feel pretty spiffy about myself.

Check it out! I named him Pistachio, because he's green of course! My favorite color! I think next he needs some little details. Maybe I'll have to take a sharpie to it one of these weekends.

P.S- I totally forgot to take before pictures. Oopsy! I'll have to find some! Also, tossed together a mini playlist of Bombay Bicycle Club. If you like it make sure to look them up and love them as I do. Isn't that guys voice so interesting? I love it! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blackbird Fly

If you know me you know that I love lomography, plastic cameras and film photography! So, I thought I would take a minute to write about the BLACKBRID FLY, twin lens reflex camera. This is one of my favorites in my lil'collection. I never really take my photography seriously, I'm more of a point and shoot kinda gal and see what kinda results I get. Although I always make sure to take the lens cap off.

Reasons why I'm in love:
- Sprocket holes. I have yet to use this feature, but just knowing that its an option is awesome.
-35mm film format. You can get it developed pretty much anywhere.
-Twin lens! Because twins are always better!

Reasons why you might not be in love:
-Kinda tricky to load.
-A bit pricy
-limited colors (comparing to other flashy plastic cameras out there.)

Here are some pictures that I've taken with my lil'bird. I like how these photos turned out, but I was silly and loaded some red scale film. So you totally can't tell that the rocks are bright red, but I still like they way they turned out.

     You can check out the rest of the roll on my FLICKR.