Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silkscreen Tattoos!

So, it seems like everyone has a tattoo. (well at least all the cool kids) I mean lets face it tattoos are pretty darn cool. But they are kinda stuck on you forever. There's no re-dos when your poking ink into your skin. So I occasionally treat myself to a temporary tattoo, but whats even better are SILKSCREEN TATTOOS! If you have ever been screen printing and just wondered, "Can I print on my skin?" The answer is yes, you can. Is it fun you ask, very much so! Does it take multiple people, of course. (but that's what sisters are for) So now you know what the brightside girls do when they are bored, or just need a good laugh. If you see us and we are all covered in weird designs and have sticky ink on us, you know why.

I was driving Zoei nuts because I was taking pictures and not helping.

This heart is featured on our new bird notecards!

There is the bird for our new notecards!

It totally looks like Anney has a bruise but she doesn't.  We got a self inking stamp with our company name on it, we have been stamping everything!
If your wondering if water based screen printing inks are sticky when they are on your skin, the answer is YES!