Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I’m always working on new projects! This week’s project is linoleum block prints! I love print making! Obviously screen printing is one kind of printing that I absolutely love! But I adore all kinds of print making! Especially block printing! For those of you who haven’t ever heard of linocuts before read THIS! It’s a really cool way of printing. It’s super easy too! You can find all the stuff you need at the craft store and you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. I personally love doing little ones. There almost like little stamps. They don’t take very long so you can do these really quick. You can use them for all kinds of things like, cards, stickers, fancy labels or adding embellishments on to anything. Any ways the point to my rambling is…go and make some prints!

Here are some stickers I made! I like using lables and things like that to print on, that way the are already sticky. You can get circle ones or just get big shipping labels and cut them to the shape you want.

Rolling out your ink can be kinda messy. (but fun) So if you have a small linocut you can use a stamp pad. You can even mount your little linocuts onto a piece of wood, like an actual stamp. But that takes time and I'm lazy, so I just get my fingers messy.

Just a little side note: Letters and numbers need to be carved backwards. So when you do your print it reads correctly. (Trust me you will only make that mistake once.)

Speedy carve blocks are also amazing. It will save your fingers from blisters and make it easier. Although it won't last as long. If your at the store and have to chose between Speedball and Moo Carve, get the Moo Carve. It lasts way longer then Speedball. (Don't get me wrong I love speedball as much as the next guy.)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday: Michael Trent.

Its that time of week again!! MUUSSSIC MONDAAAAY!! Okay, so I know Monday is almost over, and Im kinda lame like that, but its cool, hopefully the music featured on todays Music Monday blog will make up for the lack of Monday in Music Monday. So im gonna cut to the chase, today we are talking Michael Trent. Why yes my heart did just go all fluttery.

So who is this Michael Trent I speak of you ask?? Well only one of the coolest guys ever! He is the lead singer to one of my favorite bands, The Films. Who has gone on and done some solo stuff, and some stuff with other people, so lets take a stroll down memory lane together and vist Michael Trent in the past to current years. Hopefully the playlist below works and you can read a little about each song as we stroll along.

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1. The Films, Black Shoes.
First Stop. 5 years ago. The Films release first single. Black Shoes. By the way, im pretty sure this was the first video to make it onto my myspace page. 4 years ago.

2. The Films, Belt Loops.
Next stop. End of 2006. The Films release their first full length album. Also, Remi and Zoei discover The Films and spend the next 3 years dancing their hearts out to "Belt Loops" Enjoy, hold onto your heart, before you dance it away.

3. Michael Trent, Situations.
Where are we going next?!? Michael Trents SOLO project oddly named: Michael Trent. How do people come up with this stuff??

4. Shovels and Rope, Boxcar
Next he hooks up with Cary Ann Hurst and becomes 50% of Shovels and Rope. Not sure which 50%, but after hearing them, I dont really care as long as they keep making music together!

5. Michael Trent, The Winner
Alright, after a long amazing journey we finally reach 2011. Michael Trent releases another solo album, The Winner.

Well I hope this was as fun as journey for you as it was for me. Michael Trent is one of my favorite artists, I love it all from the Films to Shovels and Rope to his solo stuff, I hope there was at least one song you were able to get up to and stomp your foot to! Enjoy your week, look forward to next week for Music Monday!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farmers Market

The Brightside girlies have been very busy this last week. Doing what you might ask? The FARMERS MARKET of course! We survived our first weekend at the farmers market and I must say it was a success! A lot of work! (More then I was expecting) We had tons of fun and got to meet some pretty neat people. I also learned a lot. Things like make sure you bring sunscreen, even if it’s cold in the morning. You will start off the day feeling pretty good, maybe a little warm. By noon you’re full on sweaty and then by the end of the day you are sun burnt. Lesson learned.  Regardless of the hot weather we sold a bunch of stuff, met an old man that was a way better sales man than any of us. It was fun, which is good because we signed up for the next couple months to have a booth. So, if you live in Utah County and are bored on Saturday between 9:00 and 2:00, come say HEY and check out the Provo Farmer’s Market.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday Goes Reggae

Its MUSIC MONDAY!!! For those of you who did not read my last post, I have taken it upon myself to make Mondays great.. well at least better than your average back to work again monday. How do I plan on doing that you ask, well  by giving you some new (hopefully to you) music to dance to all day long.

This Monday we are going Reggae! It is my personal favorite, and hopefully I can give you non reggae listeners some music to change you into Reggae lovers (and by reggae i mean stuff other than Bob Marley) So last week a couple of us Brightside girlies went to a super great Reggae concert, it was Rebelution (Zoeis number one favorite band) opening for Slightly Stoopid (One of Zoeis favorites, but not in the top 5). They put on a great show and it inspired me to blog about reggae. So Rebelution is my favorite band, but today im focusing on my 2nd favorite band, Tribal Seeds.

So what happens when your number one and number two favorite bands do a collab project together, well pure awesomeness is what happens. I like to think it is very rare, and that I am one of the rare luckys that this very thing has happened to. Tribal Seeds (which we established is my 2nd fav band) and Rebelution (my most favoritest band) actually did a song together, and it was like I said pure awesomeness. There isnt really a whole lot more I can say about it, I think music is one of those things you have to listen to and decipher for yourself whether you think its awesome or junk. So im going to wrap it up now (or rap it up, music pun haha) and leave you with a link (image below) so you can get a taste of this amazing reggae song I adore so much. So click on the link, listen to the song "Soundwaves" if you like it, comment and let me know, then listen to the rest of the stuff they have playing on their site, and also check out Rebelution. Both great bands (obviously, I wouldnt make bad bands my top 2!) Hope you enjoy! Dont forget, click the pic below!!

Click me for awesome music! **Remeber Soundwaves is the collab song, but also "Ill Return Again" is one of my favs!

Oh yeah and BTW, don't you think they should have asked me to design their EP album art, I think I could have done a better/cooler job!!