Thursday, June 28, 2012

Incoming Mail

I've got some of the best pen pals! I always feel so lucky when I get fun stuff in the mail. I know everyone is probably sick of me rambling on about it. But snail mail is really fun. It can be time consuming but it's totally worth it once you start getting beautiful letters in the mail. I think everyone should have a pen pal! You can get started HERE or THERE. Or you can participate in the elevated envelope project. (I'll post more about that later, once I've got my envelopes done.)


My pen pal from Poland writes the cutest letters. Isn't that doodle just adorable! 
Aren't these postcards just amazing!

One of the pen pals I've had for a long time, always sends the coolest pictures. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Music Monday: Shakey Graves

Aloha amigos! This Monday we're talking SHAKEY GRAVES! Now, I normally know by Tuesday what the next music Monday will be. I was thinking I should do Yellow Ostrich or He's My Brother, She's My Sister/ Pearl and the Beard. But alas, one of my favorite music blogs made THIS mix and lead me to THAT song. So I had no choice but to do Shakey Graves this fine Monday. Also I've been listening to his album Roll the Bones all weekend. So I've got his voice pulsing through the brains, which always helps to write. And really just tell you all why I love'm so much. So here I go.

Oh the many reasons why I love Shakey Graves. You know that music you hear and you automatically start swaying, stomping your foot and start clapping your hands all with the worlds stupidest grin on your face.Well, his tunes are pretty much like that. He's got this raw, acoustic,drifty, alternative country sound that is just the bee's knees. Plus this soothing voice that isn't afraid to shout or growl during a song. Even if you don't track through the playlist. Please PLEASE watch the video. It is seriously one of the bestest things I've stumbled across in a long time.

"big Betty my old squeeze kisses so good you 'll go weak in the knees" 

Have a beautiful week lovelies. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

So much to do and not enough time.

The bright side girls have taken on their biggest project yet. We've been printing all these tee shirts for our family reunion. These are the biggest runs of shirts we have done ever before. It is a little overwhelming. But it's all going to pay off hopefully soon. We did 3 different designs all one color prints, so it's nothing that we can't handle. But man, printing in runs of 100 is a whole new game for us. We never turn down a challenge! So far we've got the shirts ordered and the designs ready. We're working on burning the screens this weekend. Then just keep printing our little hearts out until we've gone through this massive amount of tees. I'll post more stats and pictures later. But here's a little sneak peek of our designs. Wish us luck! 


Taro sketch and owl design. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flapper Talk: Bean Picker

This weeks word is bean picker! I'm not sure why but just saying it makes me smile. This one means a person who patches up troubles or picks up spilled beans. I'm thinking this one should be pretty easy to incorporate. Mostly cause my spill the beans a lot. Girls like to gossip we can't help it. But I am pretty good at keeping secrets, just saying. So if at any time you'd like to tell me your secrets go ahead. Also, I love secrets. I know, nothing ever good comes from it, but i think that's why I like them so much. Wow, I'm getting off topic. Any who, this weeks challenge is using bean picker in a conversation. I think everyone is a bit of a bean picker at one point or another. So it shouldn't be too difficult. 

BEAN PICKER= One who patches up troubles or picks up spilled beans. 
Example: That dapper is a bean picker, he'll know what to do. 


Bonus! I can not rant enough about how much I love The Lumineers. Their song Flapper Girl seemed to fit my obsession with flapper talk oh so well. This song is just the monkeys eyebrows. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday: Boy & Bear

Good morning beautiful people of the internet! It's Monday. I know, not my favorite day either. But it's cool cause it's also music MONDAY. This Monday I'm sharing with you Boy and Bear. Now I've been thinking all day how to describe this band and their sound. But I'm at a loss for words. They have this I want to dance in a circle with our arms linked and then cry on your shoulder kind of sound. Some of their songs have these melancholy lyrics but this tune that says its ok because this world is f*cking amazing. Ok, I know I'm not making sense but hopefully you get my point. They sound like 5 other bands of I've heard before, but I can't really put my finger on which ones. It's like a monster created from all the sounds of other bands I adore that is actually really unique in a way. Alright, not making sense again. Just listen to these beautiful Aussie souls sing a damn song.

Happy Monday. Don't forget to do a random dance, just because you can.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Start Something New

We just finished doing a mini-run of some tee shirts. The idea behind this design is just moving on. Everyday I try to start something new or finish something old. It's the mini accomplishments that make me feel successful. Life is always changing and new things are happening and that's what makes it so great and terrifying all at the same time. This design is just a reminder that new is good. Let's go out and be adventurers of the world. 

We only did a small run (and I mean SMALL) only one of each size. So snatch it up quick. We only did a small run because I found a lot of things that I want to change about it. If you really want it and we sell out of your size, we'll probably reprint it for you with minor changes. But for now this is all we got. 

As always we love your ideas and feedback on our designs. Knowing what others are thinking about our designs is important so we either make more of what you guys like or make less of what you dis-like.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mystery Mail

We all know that I love to send (and receive) mail. Snail mail is one of the greatest things in the world. Well, in my opinion at least. A couple months ago I started just sending people little notes and not putting a return address on it. I was experimenting with a little bit of mystery mail. I was amazed at how fun it was to be spontaneous. Now, it was a little odd because when I send mail I always expect some sort of return. But I didn't with these. Then all of a sudden I felt like I could tell this select handful of people anything. I started sharing secrets, stories, random thoughts and anything else that popped into my head. I only did this a few times. Mostly because I love getting a return and would rather spend time on making something that I know 100% would be appreciated. But then one of my mystery buddies took the time to hunt me down and find out who was filling there mail box with randoms. I was so surprised and impressed. Then I figured if I sent mail to this buddy then it wouldn't go unappreciated. So, now i'm sending little random tidbits to him almost everyday. Most of it is just random thoughts that I have. But its really simple, fast and easy to do and  I know that it'll make someones day.

 Phew, my whole point to me rambling is that you should take 2 minutes out of your day and write a little note to a random person. Write down an thought, something funny that happened, a quote you love or just do a little doodle. You could give it to someone you know. It could be mailed to and old friend or just handed to a random person you might bump into. I think that if everyone would do this just once. This world (hopefully) would have just a little more love and smiles. Let's face it, everyone would love a little note even if its from a stranger. 

Just something to think about. 

P.S.- Need some inspiration or somewhere to start? Read THIS blog. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flapper Talk: Corn Shredder

Hey there. Today's flapper word is corn shredder. Now, this one is a little awkward isn't it. It means a young man that dances on a girl's feet. I think its supposed to be an insult. I"m not sure. But it made me chuckle so I had to dedicate a day to it. I'm not sure what kinda context to use it in. I don't normally have conversations with people about dancing or how people are dancing. So this one is going to be a challenge to try and use in everyday conversation. I think i'm going to just throw it in randomly even if it's out of context just to see if anyone catches it. You'd be surprised how much people don't hear when you talk. I only know because it happens when I'm talking to people I don't really listen to every word they are saying. (Yeah, I know. I'm working on my listening skills) 

Happy Wednesday! Don't forget to use your flapper talk!

CORN SHREDDER= a young man that dances on a girl's feet
Example: That flap has got herself a corn shredder on her hands. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: Grouplove

Hey friend! This Monday I give you some Grouplove! I figured the past couple posts were a little slow and drifty.  (which is one of my favorite kinds of music) But it is Monday and let's face it we all need a little pick me up because Mondays suck. It'll be ok though, because we've got music Monday and GROUPLOVE! Talk about an upbeat make you dance kinda band. They define what it means to be a dance your pants off type of band. Its just happy, lyrically smart good music. I have to admit I wasn't 100% a fan until I saw the set they did at Bonnaroo. (Thank goodness for live streaming.) Once the lead singer whipped out a tiny ukulele all duck taped up and electrified I was sold. Plus, I love the name of their album, Never Trust a Happy Song. So very true, well done Grouplove, well done.

Enjoy! Happy Monday lovelies!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogs About Hair

Man, it always seems like I've this endless battle with my hairs. I mean 80% of the time my hair treats me pretty good. But that other 20%  of the time it says your fringe is going to stick straight up today and don't even think about trying to get rid of the frizziness. So lately I've been reading lots of things about hair and things to do with it and ways to treat it so it's healthier and all that jazz. One of my favorite blogs that I want to share is SHE LET HER HAIR DOWN.  They have so many nifty tutorials. Most of the time I read these and am super pumped to try them and then10 minutes into it my arms are aching and my frustration is steadily increasing. But all of these are pretty doable. THIS is my favorite tutorial of theirs and the one I've had most success at. It's a great go-to when I don't want to spend the 25 minutes straightening my hair. I also love what they have to say about trimming your bangs. But sometimes you just wake up and feel like that darn fringe needs to be trimmed! Too many times I've ended up with wonky fringe for a couple weeks because of this impulse. But now I'm too lazy to go get it trimmed and they are slowly trying to take over my face. I'm going to try and hold off and go get it done, but if you see me with crooked bangs you'll know that my laziness won and I turned it into a DIY project. 

Also, I love all of THESE tips and tricks that A BEAUTIFUL MESS has put together. I'm especially in love with THIS bow tutorial, but ever since I chopped my hair off it's a bit tricky. Still unsuccessful with that one, but I'm still working at it. I would also love LOVE to be brave enough to have hair like THIS. Isn't it just neato. That girly over at THE DAINTY SQUID is just supa cool. The lovelies over at TIGER IN A JAR have put together THIS little video that is dreamy sweetness to die for. Doesn't it make you want to braid your hair? I'm definitely going to have to get better at braids. 

Phew, I think I'm done rambling. Lots of clickity clicking to do. Not sure why I've done and entire blog post of just links, but hey I love reading other peoples blogs so it was bound to happen soon or later. Hop to it! You'll learn some nifty tricks and discover a couple awesome blogs. 

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flapper Talk: Kippy

Today's flapper word is kippy. It has almost the same meaning as bee's knees and is almost as much fun to say. I think I have successfully incorporated bee's knees into my everyday vocabulary. I've a feeling kippy is going to be a bit more difficult. Also, I'm not 100% sure I've been using it in the correct context. But it's not going to stop me now! I've also stumbled upon THESE tips on how to be a flapper girl. I don't think I'm ready to fully commit to being a flapper girl. But who knows, after I spiffy up my vocabulary maybe dressing the part won't make it seem so odd. 

KIPPY= Nice or neat
Example= That new girl is pretty kippy. 


Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday: Laura Marling

Hello Monday! Today I'm sharing with you the beautiful voice of Laura Marling. I could ramble on for days about this lovely lady. She's got some of the most thought provoking lyrics that are intertwined with sweep you off your feet vocals. All of her songs are like stories you want to read over and over again. She is so young and so talented. I love that her songs have this kind of slow build of this rhythmic guitar and percussion. That builds  into this dramatic feeling that just resonates with you. You can really feel that more on her most recent album, A Creature I Don't Know. Where on her older stuff is more lyrically sweet and pungent. With under tones of a bitterness and a catchy tune that is so fun to sing along with. All of her albums are worth going out and buying. If you can't tell I'm a Marling fan and hopefully by the end of this playlist  you will be too. 

"It's hard to accept yourself as someone, you don't desire. As someone you don't want to be." 

Have a successful week!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Juice Box Camera

This is one of my newest cameras and one of my favorites! At first I was a little weary because I thought that it might not take very good pictures just because it was so simple. But man I was wrong. Who ever said simple was a bad thing! I was pleasantly surprised with the results of this little camera. In my opinion this is the PERFECT camera if you like the idea of film photography but don't want to commit and spend all the money and hours looking up the know how of it ALL. It's a simple little point and shoot camera that is so easy to use and yields some amazing results. Both of my favorite online stores carry them HERE and THERE. Also, I found THIS little review about it's awesomeness.

Good things:
-Easy peasy lemon squeezy to use!
-Fixed settings, so you don't have to worry about adjusting. Just point and shoot!
-Super oober adorable.
-Nice and small so it can fit in your purse with out taking up all the space. I guess it could fit in your pocket, if you really wanted it too.
-Has awesome light leaks for a lovely lomography feel to it.
-Super affordable! its only 25$! (I seriously want to collect them all!)

Not so good things:
-Fixed settings, you get the same result every time. not very versatile if your photography savvy.
-No flash= no night time use
-Its small so my finger ended up in a couple of them. But now I know don't clobber it with my hunky fingers.

Go get yourself one of these cameras and just keep it in your, or pocket. Don't forget to follow rule #1. Take your camera everywhere you go. You'll thank me later once your walls are filled with lovely photos from your juice box camera.


This is one of my favorites! Jeremy hates his picture taken. 

Light leaks! yay! 

You can check out the rest of the roll on my FLICKR.