Saturday, April 16, 2011


When I am not thinking about Brightside or work i'm usually thinking about music.. I mean, seriously there are very few things that come close to being as awesome as music, and since today is Record Store Day (April 16th) I thought it was fitting to blog about something music related, so this is a blog about Bramble.

Bramble is an amazing local band from good old SLC. So why am I blogging about them you ask?? Because they need our help to earn money to be able to release more awesomness.. But before I get into that, im going to post their site so you can listen to some of their music while you read this so BAM------>  seriously click on that, go ahead be brave....listen to some great music as you read a pretty awesome blog..

So now that you have some music playing I will get in to what I was talking about earlier, like the earning money thing, yeah I think you remember... So they are trying to get money to like I said make a full album. So here is another site to check out WHAM-----> Brambles kick starter  BUT WAIT DONT CLICK ON THAT YET.. let me tell you what it is, cause if you are reading this, you probably know that I (Zoei) am one of those annoying people who show you something then explain down to every last detail what it is before you have a chance to look at it... So what it is is (is is haha) you donate money to help reach their goal of $8,000 and they give you some nifty gifties.. thats right you get awesome stuff out of it, so what I am proposing is you donate just 10 bucks and help a great band out and get sweet stuff from them (for $10 you get their cd when and if they release it) The down side to the kick starter is if they dont reach their goal they get nothing (dont worry you get your money back too!) but it would be so sad if they didnt get to record a full length album..So please click on that link now, I promise I wont yell at you this time, check it out, donate what you can and know that we love you more than we did before, even if you didnt think it was possible to love you more!!

Alright enough with all this reading.. here is a video to keep you happy!!
But one more thing.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate what you can, they are a great band, and we feel they really deserve this, but they are far behind their goal... so please help out!!


Hope you enjoyed.. and I hope after watching that you attempt to do the stomp clap rub hands together thing.. its quite fun.. and addicting (btw if you do it at work you will get weird looks, just refer them to that video and you will get a "ohhhh I get it now"

Peace out-- Zoei

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Roger, my hero

This blog post is dedicated to (and about) the one and only Roger Jennings.. Now before you get your hopes up i'm not talking about some overly attractive, tall handsome man.. No Roger is definitely one of a kind. So who is this Roger Jennings I am talking about? Well you could call him a silk screening guru, or you could call him just an old man who doesn't quite know how to use a video camera, but call him what you may, I will let you decide after watching just one Roger Jennings video.. But Roger will always have a special part in my heart, so Roger this blog is for you.

I first came across Roger on one of my normal boring Saturdays, you know the ones where you really have nothing to do, so you facebook it up, and when you have over done it on the updating and liking you obviously have only one thing left to do. Youtube. Now i'm not usually one to youtube practical things like how to load the dishwasher properly or anything like that, I'm more of a "lets youtube baby pandas" kinda gal, but this Saturday was different, I was on a mission, a mission to finally get a nice 2 color print silk screened, so once I had watched enough baby pandas I typed in 4 words that would forever change my life: Silk Screening Multiple Colors. Now Roger didn't just appear, not first, not even second third or fourth.. If i'm correct he might have not even been the fifth video to pop up.. But that did matter to me, even though this was obviously not a popular video, I found him that is all that mattered.. I click on this video, and I knew I had found gold when the video started and there stood Roger, looking awkwardly at the video camera, I'm sure waiting for for the camera to show some sort of sign that he can start.. And finally he sees his sign after standing there, awkward, weird, and unaware of how technologically slow he is, and he starts. And he just goes off.. at first I don't think anyone knows what exactly he is talking about, but he keeps going any how. And he just keeps going, and pretty soon, he looks like he is even thinking "what am I talking about?" I know what you are thinking, "But Zoei what is it that makes this man so great?" and my answer to you . Everything. The way he forgets what he is talking about half way through a sentence, the way how he doesn't know how to correctly operate his video camera, and my favorite, when he is talking about how to do something with a screen, but the camera is at the perfect angle that you can't see a single thing he is talking about. Genius, give this man a medal.

Now I know it may seem that I am being a little harsh and I may be talking badly of Roger, but the truth is all of his faults is what makes him so great, you can't help but watch his videos, and I really have learned a lot about silk screening, while laughing my little bum off all at the same time. So now I present you, Roger Jennings, on, well I don't quite know what this particular video is about, but its great.

Hope you enjoyed it, over and out--Zoei

Saturday, April 9, 2011

April is already here!

Oh my, its April already! Shocking I know, I can't believe it myself. It seems like time is going by too fast these days! I love spring!  I definitely could use some sunshine! We have been very busy working on a new t-shirt design. Zoei and me are very excited about this one mostly because its our first 4 COLOR DESIGN! It sounds like a silly thing to get excited over, but man registration was a pain! But thanks to the fabulous Zoei we have a whole new system. Which is working out wonderfully! The print turned out way better then I had expected. Hopefully this weekend we will get them posted on our Etsy.  I'm also going to be posting some more notecards and stuff. It looks like its going to be a busy weekend for the brightside girls. As always we love any feed back we can get good or bad.