Friday, July 5, 2013

Wild Child

So the other day I'm wasting time on the interweb as usual and listening to spotify when THIS song started playing. After the first two seconds of listening to them I realized that A) I needed to learn how to play this song on the ukulele and B) I need to hear more from these two lovelies. I discovered that this band was called WILD CHILD. After some googleing I found THIS and taught myself how to play pillow talk and fell in love with the heart wrenching duet. (Although, yes it is a duet so when I sing and play it sounds kinda off, cause its supposed to be a duet, but oh well its still fun to play!) As far as I could tell they only have one album out. So I've made you a lil'playlist that is really just my favorites of theres. After tracking though there stuff they started to remind me more and more of Charity Children Berlin, but more sophisticated. Which can be a bad thing, but in this case I love that they remind me of a band that I like immensely. I'm loving this ladies voice. Its sounds so effortlessly unique and delightful. Her voice is superb in the song Bridges Burning. Over all I like these guys singer songwriter, folky feel. They have a very complete sound that is just fun. But upon second listen they have kinda sad, deep lyrics. These kinda sneaky bands are my favorite! Ones that can write a intense meaningful song, but make you feel good and ok about it.

ALSO, I found this video they made to promote there tour with SHAKY GRAVES! I'd probably scream if I got to go see them together! These guys just seem like they are having a hell of a time. I bet they put on a killer show!


"Feel my heart is aching, wish I could stop breaking. Spend all day just thinking for you." 

What do you think about Wild Child?? If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty much in love. But I do wish they had a more creative band name, just saying.