Saturday, January 15, 2011

So it has been a while since we have posted anything on our blog so I thought I would take this lovely Saturday and do just that. There really is just so much that I could write about, Brightside is doing so great. But I would just like to take a minute and thank everyone who has supported us. We really wouldn't be able to do it without all of the support we get from friends, family and even strangers (in a non creepy way of course). Knowing that there are so many people in our lives that are there for us is seriously what keeps us going. There has always been that thought in the back of our minds of "What if no one likes our stuff" or better yet "What if no one buys our stuff and we are stuck with 200 printed tees?!?" But thanks to all of you we now know that people do like our stuff and thankfully we will not be stuck with 200 printed tees! There is a feeling we all get when someone buys a tee or even just comments on one of our facebook pics. It tells us that we are doing something, that we aren't just doing the whole brightside thing for nothing and that all of our hard work really is going towards something. So THANK YOU so much to everyone who has liked us on facebook, has looked at our etsy and a HUGE thanks to all of you who have bought tees. Your kindness doesn't go unnoticed, in fact we usually cheer to you at lunch! Thank you.

(It was either this or Thank you by Sly and the Family Stone, but this one seemed to fit a little better)