Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nifty Findings: Sweaters!

      It is official  winter has come like a slap in the face. This week so far has been so cold! I mean, knew the snow would bring some chilly nights, but it occasionally brings sunny days. But not these past couple days. It feels like winter is in full force! It's time to dig out all the heavy duty sweaters, jackets, scarves and mittens! While I was thinking about this chilly weather, I realized that I needed some new sweaters. I want to buy something big, thick and cozy. (But still cute and fashionable) So, I went digging around on the interweb. And I wanted to share with you some of my nifty findings! 

Let's just say my list of sweaters to buy quickly became, sweaters that I WISH I could buy. But here are my favorite findings!
1: Bear Sweater                 2: Owl Sweater

I think it's safe to say I need an animal sweater! Both of these look so cozy and cute!


       3: Yellow Sweater                  4: Striped Sweater

I love all the sweaters on Modcloth and Ruche! But I'm especially in love with these two!

Don't forget to keep warm and bundle up!!

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