Friday, November 2, 2012

Rambling Bits

Wrapping up a very busy and lazy week! I'm not sure how that is to be lazy but still be doing a million things, but that's what this week has felt like. Successfully survived Halloween and all the chaos that comes along with that holiday.We went and saw the fantastic musical duo Matt and Kim last night. Man, do those guys put on an awesome show! So much fun. I finally ordered a much needed new computer! I think I've found the perfect one, thanks to Dirk! Hopefully it's as wonderful as I'm imagining it is! Only time will tell. I've got the sketch worked out for the new banner. Now just the final touches are needed. It doesn't seem like I've accomplished too much this week. But considering I found time to sleep in embarrassingly late and catch up on all the Project Runways. I'd say it was a success! 

Happy Friday! Check out Matt and Kim's new album Lightening! These are my favorite lyrics from the song Now off of there new album. You can listen to it HERE


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