Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lauren Simkin Berke Illustrations

I got something really spectacular in the mail the other day. I received some stickers from a project that I had supported on kick starter a little while ago. Now, I often roam around kicker starter backing random art projects and had totally forgotten about this one. You're probably thinking, they are just stickers. But they are some amazing sticker from a very lovely illustrator! 

We all know that I'm a sucker for illustrations and old photographs so its only natural that I was smitten for LAUREN SIMKIN BERKE. I really like his style of illustrations. They appear simple at first but are actually really complex and full of textures. Which you can see HERE! in some of his sketches. I like that he uses old photographs to work from. Mostly because I love the mystery that old photos of strangers hold. To take something as simple as a photograph and transform it into something beautiful and unique, that takes a pretty special person. I really enjoy this blurb he says about his work. 

"I collect old photographs from flea markets, antique and junk shops and draw from them. They are often family snapshots from the 1920s through the 1970's or studio portraits from the last quarter of the 19th century. I find it strange these document are for sale as part of a consumer market place instead of being in albums on book shelve in the homes of the families of those in the photos. I find myself at the intersection between fascinated voyeurism and determination fo know these documents as well as humanly possible in order to give them a new, longer life." 

Needless to say I'm going to be snatching up some of THESE cards and probably end up buying his new book as well. Check out his stuff, its dripping with awesomeness!


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